Committee Members

John Wagner Givens: John is an Asian Studies Center Associate and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, and a Scholar in Residence at Duquesne University’s Department of Political Science. His academic research includes pieces on China’s: lawyers, media and the Internet, land and tax reform, censorship, law and development, and foreign policy.

Rogier Creemers: Rogier is a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Oxford, where he researches Chinese media and information law and policy. He also edits a blog and database of translated Chinese source documents on

William Hurst: William is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oxford and an assistant professor at the Universities of Texas and Toronto. His research focuses on labor politics, contentious politics, political economy, and the politics of law and legal institutions, principally in China and Indonesia. He is currently completing a book manuscript on the comparative politics of law and legal institutions in China and Indonesia since 1949 and has completed more than one year of fieldwork in each country since 2006.

Andrew W. MacDonald: Andrew is finishing his Doctorate at the University of Oxford. His research examines local government finance, protest, and the Internet in China.

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